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Powder Classifier

Powder Classifier

  • Capacity: 24216-211000
  • Heat source: Biomass, natural gas, propane, diesel, coal, etc.

Environmental: Multi-level dust removal and environmental protection standards

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Efficient Powder Separator is the latest powder separating equipment developed by our company, the separating rate could reach 85% -90% or more.

T-Sepax high-efficiency three-separation powder classifier divides the material into three parts, namely coarse powder, medium coarse powder and fine powder. The primary classification area pre-separates the coarse particles in the mixed powder and collects them in the coarse powder cone; the second classification area, the third is the precise classification area, and the classification is completed in the annular area formed by the guide vane and the straight cage rotor. Due to the pre-separation of coarse particles, the interference of coarse particles is eliminated, so the classification accuracy is high, and the separation efficiency is over 85%.

structure of powder classifier

structure of powder classifier


Powder classifier often work with ball mill, forming a closed- circle production can improve ball mill capacity and get required material size. it's widely used for cement production, fly ash production, sand production and so on. more than 300mesh powder can be get. In working condition,high speed motor drives the vertical transmission shaft to rotate through the transmission device. The material access the chamber of separator by the feeding port which on the top of separator, then falls on the scattering plate by two pyramidal which set in the coarse powder collecting cone and powder pipe. The fine powder which satisfied demand will enter inside through the cage rotor,with circulating air enters the high efficiency and low resistance cyclone separator, then slipped into fine powder collecting cone into a finished product.


1. Separate the powder material into three class , coarse powder (d>150um), medium-coarse powder (60um<d<150um), and fine powder. The coarse powder is returned to the first silo, and the medium-coarse powder is sent by a high-speed reamer. It enters the grinding bin of the mill (it can also enter the first bin with the coarse powder), and the fine powder as finished product is directly transported into the warehouse.

2. Compared with the centrifugal, cyclone and rotor type powder separators of similar size, Sepax three-separation high-efficiency powder separator has a much higher output, so it is more suitable for the needs of large-scale production. The advanced and reasonable structure allows the powder separation air volume, output and feeding volume to vary in a wide range without affecting the powder separation efficiency, and its classification performance is very stable.

3. Advanced classification principle. Combined with various powder selection principles, the entire flow field is optimized by using aerodynamic analysis methods, which makes the resistance of the equipment significantly reduced and the powder selection efficiency is higher. The material is selected through the powder selection area twice, and the classification accuracy is higher and more accurate.

4. The double interlock air valve is adopted in the coarse powder pipe, medium coarse powder pipe and fine powder pipe, which greatly reduces the air leakage rate of the system and overcomes the defect of large dust in the running process of the previous powder separator.

Powder Classifier
Powder Classifier
Powder Classifier


Model S400 S500 S600 S700 S900 S1000 S1100 S1200
Matched mill(m) Φ1.5 Φ1.83 Φ2.2 Φ2.4 Φ3.0
Motor blower Model YCTL200-4A YCTL200-4B YCTL200-4A YCTL200-4B YCTL200-4B YCTL200-4A YCTL200-4A YCTL200-4B
Rotating speed(r/min) 125-1250 132-1320 440-1340 600-1340
Power(kw) 7.5 11 15 18.5 37 55 75 90
Model SCF-12NO.8C SCF-12NO.8C SCF-12NO.10C SCF-12NO.12C SCF-12NO.12C SCF-12NO.16B SCF-12NO.16D SCF-12NO.12C
Volume 24216 30900 37960 58200 119332 168000 192000 211000
Air presser 2.18 2.43 2.34 2.07 2.26 2.70 2.70 2.60
Rotating speed(r/min) 1500 1600 1200 1000 800 960 960 710
Model Y180M-2 Y200L1-2 Y225S-4 Y225M-4 Y335M1-8 Y335M1-6 Y335M3-6 Y335L-8
Power(kw) 22 30 37 55 132 160 200 220
Rotating speed of shaft (r/min) 190-380 150-350 140-350 100-300

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